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Embodied Nutrition LLC offers trauma-informed nutrition services for

eating disorder recovery, freedom from chronic dieting, and management of health concerns from a non-diet approach.

Serving the North Shore of Massachusetts for in-person sessions.

Telehealth Nutrition Counseling available for MA, IL, FL residents.

Empowered and inclusive nutrition servic

You are at the right place if...

You want to feel more at peace around food and more comfortable in your body,

but instead you feel:

Your mind and body at war with each other. 


Confused by what your body needs and paralyzed with taking action to improve your health. 

Disconnected or hyper-focused on your body. Maybe you struggle to feel body sensations, like hunger. Or you feel every little thing, like you are on high-alert.

​​Frustration that your body isn’t looking or working the way you want.

You can’t stop thinking about food. 

Overwhelmed and exhausted by the day to day effort of managing work, school, and caring for others, making it difficult to have the time and energy to address your food and body needs.


There is a life beyond your current struggle. I can help.

Hi, I’m Erin. Registered Dietitian, Intuitive Eating Counselor, and Owner of Embodied Nutrition. 


I provide nutrition therapy services using a non-diet and trauma-informed approach. That means I look at the big picture of your history and life circumstances and work with you on goals that feel important to you.  My aim is to help you feel seen and heard as I guide you through each step of the way. Because of your unique needs, we will never start off with a generic meal plan or set of rules to follow (hello, diet culture!). Instead, we will collaboratively build a plan over time that works for you, with you at the driver’s seat as the expert of your body. 

Empowered and inclusive nutrition services tailored to meet your individual needs and nour

Let's Work Together!

Contact Information

100 Cummings Center, Suite 333-H

Beverly, MA 01915

Fax: 781-546-4883

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